Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It is all about responsible speech!

I've had it! I'm tired of the half-truths, the lies and the people who promulgate them! I flat out refuse to discuss last night's speeches with you until you've heard them or read them. I'll even give you a heads up -- the text of Gov. Jindal's speech is here and the text of President Obama's speech is here.
If you think you can convince me that the economic stimulus bill includes $5 million, $50 million or $5 billion for ACORN, Rep. Bachmann, think again. If you think repeatedly hearing that the bill includes money for a mag lev train from Las Vegas to Disneyland or $140,000 for volcano monitoring, will make me believe it, Gov. Jindal, try someone else or, better yet, read the bill at Because the bill is searchable, you don't even have to read the whole bill, just search for your favorite half-truth before you pass along mis-information. The world is full of mis-information, intentionally stated, mis-stated and mis-understood. Each and every one of us has a moral and civic responsibility to assure that we do not contribute!
I went through an election season when people readily passed along mis-information they picked up from a blog or a website or a conversation or a political speech. The problem was not exclusively Republican or Democrat. It was a problem of what the courts throw out as hearsay and there is no excuse for it in today's information heavy environment. Yes, there is an overload of information sources, but you can tell which ones are legitimate and which are not. If you want to know what the President is proposing, check with the President at his website called Want to know the Republican response, look at their website.
Everyone is now on notice! I will not tolerate your intentional misstatements, Gov. Jindal or Rep Michele Bachman or Bill O'Reilly or whoever. You could check your facts as easily as I did and I suspect you even have a staff to do it for you. When you make incorrect statements, you lose your credibility.
My new stock line is, "You are doing yourself a disservice here. I read the economic stimulus bill, the Presiden't speech, the response, (pick one). I'll be happy to discuss it with you when you have read it also."

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