Monday, April 13, 2009

Urggghhh!!! Sometimes I hate computers!

I know, I know, I promised Hawaii pictures weeks ago. The whole process has been layered with minor and relatively major disasters. The relatively major disaster was my own doing. I did not back up my computer before trying to move all my pictures to my data drive.
I've been creating directories and moving directories for more years than I care to admit (hint, my first such activities involved Z-DOS and dual floppy drives). I had not, however, moved directories from one drive to another, particularly directories to which the start menu points. Everything seemed to go just fine, I put the computer to sleep and I went to bed. Overnight, Microsoft updated the operating system and, when I woke up my computer the next day, all my pictures were missing in lala land. they are still missing.
Now burned by Vista, I downloaded my SD cards with Hawaii pictures on my desktop XP system. I don't want to say we got carried away with severe "shutter finger," but the pictures could not fit on a CD. My dear husband burned a DVD of our Hawaii pictures, but my laptop seems unwilling to open the pictures on the DVD.
So I'm at a standstill.
The minor disasters were not really disasters at all, just the normal events of life -- a lot more time spent coordinating adult education activities as my church than I anticipated, tax time, an overload of household chores including an effort to de-clutter my home and life, etc.
I will soon use the XP system to create my blogs with Hawaii pictures. I promise, I really, really, promise!

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