Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Murder at the Holocaust Museum

Just 9 days ago, I lamented the death of Dr. Tiller in Wichita. Today, I mourn the death of Stephen Tyrone Johns, a guard at the US Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C, and a man I never met. Johns' murderer, whom I will not dignify by the use of his name, was a virulent hate monger who hated Jews, blacks and pretty much anyone who did not look like him and share his views. I've heard any number of pundits saying he was working alone. They said the same thing about Dr. Tiller's murderer. In fact, Dr. Tiller's murderer was apparently unemployed with little cash available at the time of his arrest. One has to wonder how he could afford the gas for his trips to case Dr. Tiller in Wichita. Realizing that Johns' killer was 88 years old, one wonders if he built his own web site of if one of his fellow haters did it for him.
No matter if these fellows worked alone or as point men for others, the fact remains that they were motivated by hatred inflamed by others who shared their hatred.
This world of cable news with its insatiable need for news to cover (or create) undoubtedly contributes to this environment. I've been watching this afternoon as various cable news networks fill their news, and then their opinion shows, with information, mis-information and speculation about the events at the Holocaust Museum. If one has intense hatred for a group, one would certainly want to bring others to their way of thinking and what better way to do that than to carry out an activity that gets hours and hours of news coverage. It is easy to blame gun control, or lack thereof, for these murders, but guns are only tools used by people whose insane anger and hatred are promoted with news coverage. Someone once said (and I'm too lazy to research it), "I don't care what they say about me as long as they spell my name right." Even negative news coverage offers promotion for hate mongering.
I don't have answers. I don't think gun control is the only answer. I certainly don't want to see censorship of the cable news media. But my spirit cries out for a way to end these murders.

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