Thursday, January 22, 2009

Proclaim Christ on your car!

This isn't an attempt to be profound. It's even rather silly, but...
I was just reading an article about license plates, specifically, license plates that promote Christianity. It seems that folks are up in arms over a South Carolina license plate that features art of a stained glass window with a cross and the words”I believe” across the top of the plate. Then there's the guy in Vermont who wants a personalized license plate referencing John 3:16.
I'm not particularly worried about these license plates. After all, there are the ubiquitous icthus symbols people put on their cars with all the variations. A couple days ago I saw one of these shaped as a shark with teeth and all. No one blinks an eye at bumper strips. Okay, so these fish and bumper strips don't imply state approval. With state approval or not, people will find a way to put their opinions on their cars.
A couple of months ago, someone released results of a study showing that people who adorned their cars, even with seemingly innocuous messages about their child being an honor student, were significantly more likely to be aggressive drivers than people whose cars were unadorned. Now here's the thing – are you more charitable toward someone who cuts you off if they have a Christian license plate? Do people who publicly profess their faith with a car adornment understand the extra pressure they place on themselves to represent the entire body of Christ?
Think about the oaths, “That blankety-blank Christian just cut me off,” “Does he think his Jesus will save him when he is the fourth car through after the light turned red?” Does proclaiming your faith on your car affect the language inside your car?
A friend calms herself by asking “Does this affect my salvation?” as a way of reminding herself that relatively few things that seem incredibly important are really very significant on the long term. Perhaps the people clogging the court system with legal action for and against Christian slogans or symbols on cars should ask themselves the same question...


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