Friday, May 1, 2009

Food2 has potential

It's a baby site right now, but the new food2 website has definite potential. It has a young vibe, but the basics are there, so it is suitable for anyone. In fact, there has been a dearth of food basics on the net. Each site seems determined to be more intellectual and superior than the previous one. Because I like basic food made with superior ingredients, I applaud food2 for the How-to section it features. There are a lot of old Food Network episodes sorted by food or technique. How can you go wrong with Alton Brown doing a how-to segment? I just wish there were print versions of more of Alton's recipes. I'm ready to try his cheese and mushroom casserole with mustard greens. I'll probably try it with some other green because I'm not fond of mustard greens. Maybe some chard?
My first reaction to the Kelsey and Spike show is positive. One of the criticisms of Kelsey during the Next Food Network Star was her youth and constant references to how she learned it in school. That gets balanced by a wild child guy from Top Chef competition, Spike Mendelsohn. There's a nice bounce between the two as each approaches a subject like steak or breakfast with their own unique slant. Check it out!

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  1. Deborah! We at Food2 would like to thank you for the great write-ups. If you could email us at with your address, we'll send a swanky Food2 t-shirt to you!