Thursday, May 28, 2009

Who makes policy at SCOTUS

I must call upon the ubiquitous phrase, "I am not a lawyer." But, with all this talk going on about justices making policy rather than interpreting law, I had to check out how the SCOTUS has been doing with this lately. Because I am not trained in the law, it is tough slogging through the court decisions of the year. One case was easier because the minority report clearly said the majority was establishing law rather than interpreting law. I haven't finished my research, but I can say the first ten cases I have looked at bear out my theory that the conservative majority on the Supreme Court are more inclined to rewrite the law and, parenthetically, rewrite it in a way that appears to benefit high ranking government officials and corporations than are the minority ("liberal") justices.
All this is fascinating stuff, but I want to finish the study and check my facts (what a novel idea) with people far wiser about law than I before I get into it all. I mean, these are, after all, lawyers and I fear lawyers!

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