Monday, July 25, 2011

Now Available in Mobile Format

My blog is now available in a mobile version. I admit I am not quite sure how it happens, but, apparently, if you type in the URL for this blog (, it will detect that you are on a mobile device and show the correct version. That's how it works on my SmartPhone browser and on my nook. Firefox on my SmartPhone does not display the mobile version. Please let me know how it works on your device. I've added the qr-code to save typing.
The whole process of creating the mobile version was painless, the qr-code was slightly time consuming and debugging was incredibly time consuming. In the good old days, I would have had to know all the stuff going on behind the scenes, but now I just let it happen the way it happens. Sort of like creating my first web pages in HTML versus letting blogspot do all the work!
I realize I have been neglecting this blog again, but Bible in 90 Days is over, I think I have health insurance lined up (keep your fingers crossed), and I have some things I am anxious to write about. So keep watching, there may be a plethora of blog postings coming in the next days.

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