Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Perfect Mojito for Dianne

When she heard I was headed for an open house at a bartending school, Dianne Draper asked me to learn to make the perfect mojito. Here, Dianne, is the answer from Tom Lucas at Estrela.
Four good size lime wedges go into the mixing glass before you tear four or five leaves of mint. Tom says tearing the leaves is crucial. One visitor at the Estrela open house said she did not like mojitos, but was shocked at the difference when the mojito is made with fresh mint leaves.
Muddling squeezes the juice out of the limes and marries the juice with the mint.

The rum comes next.
Some simple syrup, Lots of ice, a spritz of soda water, garnish with mint and lime and you have a magnificent mojito!

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